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Most massages are integrated, they make use of different modalities for the optimum results.

Full Body

Refers to massage that covers the body as a whole.  Includes work on back, glutes, neck, arms, legs, hands, feet,


Refers to specific area of the body and muscle groups that need attention.

Deep Tissue

Deeper massage that focuses on the deep muscle tissues, tendons, and facia to relieve tension

Sports Massage

Series of multiple massage techniques that include, deep tissue, stretching, and hydrotherapy, to prepare athletes for a specific event. Its main purpose is to prevent injury, and prepare body.  There are three stages of massage.

  1. a) Pre (just before activity)
  2. b) Post (just after activity)
  3. c) Maintenance (in-between activities)

Trigger Point Therapy

Deep massage that targets trigger points or (knots in the muscles)

Couples Massage

Two therapists working on two individuals in the same room.


Usually 10 to 15 minute massage on a portable chair.  Clients are fully clothed.  Convenient for sporting events, or offices


The use of sheets, towels, blankets to keep clients covered, warm, and safe.


30 minute $35
60 minute  $60
90 minute   $90
120 minute  $120
Couples one hour massage $120
Seated on site massage  $1 per minute

About Absolute Care Massage Therapy

Day to day activities in work, home, and play can create discomfort or pain. We offer a range of modalities designed to target specific needs of individuals.  Our goal is to decrease pain, increase range of motion in muscles and joints caused by physical or emotional stress. Massage can be an effective, affordable alternative solution to handle these discomforts. 

 We are conveniently located downtown Logan.  19 W. Center Suite 103 b.  

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